It seems we live in a world of code words. Words like, "organic", "fair trade", "free- range", "grass-fed", and the list goes on. It's sad that we have created more labels to create more confidence in products that we buy day to day. But even with all the code words, there are loop holes, and greedy people who do the bare minimum, just to acquire the code word, and generate profit.

So, we are proud to say, we don't put code words on our coffee. We buy coffee from farmers that we know. They don't have any fancy shmancy tractors that can climb the side of mountains and hills, no, they have people that hand pick. They don't have massive sprinkler systems, they rely on the weather and God's gift of rain. They don't have massive warehouses and industrial complexes with state of the art machines, they have the simplicity of hard work.
We buy coffee from these areas, well, because that's where coffee grows. We also only buy specialty grade coffee. Coffee that has scored above 85 on a grading scale that involves visual inspections as well as taste inspections. We pay a premium for our coffees, not because they come with labels and code words, but because that's what they are worth. We don't ask for discounts, and we aren't looking for a deal. We look to support the farmers, so they can support their families. After all, we believe that a friend will ask for a discount, but a good friend will pay you what your worth.